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Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac. This sign is also 30° in Longitude, and it extends from the 150th degree from Verval Equinox (Aries-Mesha 0 degree) to the 180th degree. Uthirapalguni second, third and the fourth pada Hastham and Chithrai first and second padas are contained in this sign, Virgo (Kanni).


One should not be so obstinate, nor slow, in action. Also one should not be so selfish nor vindictive by retaining anger for a very long time.


You are normally a temperate person; you live sensibly. So you enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. When you are young, you will be very active, and will appear always much younger due to your activity. Also, you are always very particular about your diet. Hence, you do not fall ill often. But, planets afflicting your Ascendant will cause digestive and intestinal troubles. Generally, people, having malefic in Virgo, suffer from dysentery, typhoid, and sprue during their periods. Malefics in Virgo suggest that you need plenty of rest and calm surroundings. You must have lot of exercise, especially when your Ascendant is afflicted. Your weak points physically are your nervous system and your stomach. Both are sensitive. Hence, if you include much of Vitamin B in your diet, you can avoid these troubles, have regular meals. Also try to have balanced diet. Illness may be very minor. But, be your imagination, you exaggerate it and make yourself un-happy. As Virgo-borns have Saturn as lord of 6 and Mars and lord of 8, it is observed that they will have minor injuries very often, and it is likely that they meet with accidents. Hence, do not be rash.


The native's nature is to be very chatty. He will be very analytical, and in conversation, will give lengthy description, including all metiellious details which will be boring to others. He will be restless till he passes his remarks and pass criticism on others' faults and idiosyncrasies. Even the members of his family will not relish, or appreciate his comments and criticism. He will have to avoid too much analysis over even minor things. He should not have nervousness and self-doubt. Even though he may be intelligent and have quick perception, he will really need steadiness in going after what he wants. He should avoid as much as possible, his changeability, when alone he can achieve the cherished goal. He should not proceed to another work, unless the earlier one is completed. He should not ask for everyone's advice about a situation, and get so confused and uncertain that finally nothing is accomplished. He is himself a good judge, and an intelligent person. Why he should seek other's advice, is not known. Especially, when he consults a doctor or an astrologer, he should pin up his faith on one, and take his advice.


As you possess a sound commercial instinct, you are normally careful about your money. You have the great desire to become rich and hence you are very conscious about the value of money. You do not usually come by fortune and much of wealth. You will work hard, and the remuneration will not be satisfactory, as lord of 6 is Saturn. Investments also will not prove to be good, as the returns will be poor. You may have many ups and downs. It is only through your own talent and hard work, that you will be able to come to the top.


People born in Virgo should make a correct choice of their financier or partner in business. He should select one with much of enthusiasm and also courage. He will use short-cut methods; you will worry about minor details, and get discouraged now and then. But the partner should be one who always cheers you up and makes the best use of your intelligence. Generally you become a slave to your work; you are also a hard taskmaster. You will prefer to be left alone to carry cut your work in a quiet place peacefully.


Leo is symbollsed by the Lion which is the King of the animals. Therefore one's natural instinct is ever to seek for the highest position and mostly, one has it rightfully. One will try to deal with large issues. One will leave the routine, monotionous drudgery and minor details to subordinates.

One is by nature a spendthrift even when poverty may threaten him. One will be able to face any hard time. Generally, fortune favours Leonians when they are young. They will have sufficient resources. Yet, because they spend lavishly, their bank position will be deteriorating as age advances. Leo being the 5th sign of the Zodiac, one will be tempted to gamble and speculate. Luckily for them, their risks will amply reword them. Speculators are very liberal when they give gifts to others. Nor do they hesitate to lend financial assistance to the needy. One will please himself with the sweet smile of those to whom be presents costly ones. Also one will feel proud when he thinks that others borrow from him and approaches him for a favour.


Men born in Taurus are good providers and the women are good home-makers. There will be happy and harmonious life. They have comfort, rest and peace at home. They like their own native land. Scenery will attract them. Peace, pleasure, prosperity, property, popularity and position mean much to them.Taureans always supply sumptuous food and give feast to others. If they are not served similarly by the guest, they cannot tolerate. They decorate the house, keep furniture etc., tidy and maintain their home in good condition.


You have your own ideals. To find one suiting to your taste is difficult. Therefore, there will be long delay in choosing one to measure up to your ideal, as everything must be perfect, as far as you are concerned. It is likely that, in the first few cases, you will be disappointed. Whenever you desire to make a selection, you attach more value to intelligence than to the pleasure in romance. Further, you are often shy, and do not demonstrate your affection. You should not be so touchy. For happy life with wife to some extent, you should give expression to your affection. You should remember that love demands good understanding, and it cannot stand any criticism. Your temperament is to find fault with others. That you must give up. Just as you expect others to appreciate your assistance or intelligence so also, whether the person, whom you love, is equally intelligent or not, you have to simply admire her beauty (even though she is not very fair) and her company and give expression to it. Virgoans are rarely passionate. By conversation, at least, they should keep the partner cheerful, and also get such books for her to read.

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