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Vastu Shastra is based on five energies i.g. EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE. These five energies are INVISIBLE but very strong, so much that even God’s made it statutory that their temples should be made on the basis of this science. In this mythological science all these energies have been given their placements they have also referred to nine plants. The myths say that all building structures should be a square or a rectangle because, the architect and engineers that believed that, a building.


A father of a girl goes to an astrologer to ask "when will my daughter get married?". The answer is say February 97, but the marriage does not take place, he is then given an another date say august 97... likewise dates come and go but the marriage does not take place even until she is 28 years of age. Technically speaking astrology was not wrong but the fact remains that the marriage also did not take place; the reason is that, the Vastu of this girl was not supporting her.

A lady says I am married for 11 years and I do not have a child. Astrologically the view point is that she and her husband both should be having a child since long. The medical report of both have always been positive, however the face is that she does not have child because again the Vastu of this lady does not support her.

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