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This ancient science involves the principles of design, space arrangement, and spatial geometry applied in compliance with the five basic elements to ensure that they impart positive energy to a woman when she tries to conceive or during her pregnancy. These five basic elements are five natural forces, namely, fire, water, earth, air, and space. According to Vastu Shastra, these five elements rule over different directions or corners of your home.


  • Pregnancy is a life-altering experience and one of the most delicate phases in a woman’s life. Mentioned below are some of the essential Vastu Shastra tips that a woman should follow while trying to conceive or during pregnancy.
  • Couples who are planning to conceive should use a north-western room in their home since it is dominated by the air element. But they should use the room only till the woman gets pregnant.
  • Once a woman gets pregnant, she should ideally shift to a south-western room to ensure a smooth pregnancy.
  • The couple should sleep with their heads pointing towards the south direction during the nine months of pregnancy.
  • A pregnant woman should meditate and exercise in the north-eastern part of the house for a healthy pregnancy. Since this direction is ruled by the water element, it is considered to be a spiritually active zone where positive energy resides.
  • During pregnancy, women often feel tired and weak. At such times, it is advisable for her to spend more time in the eastern part of the house. Vastu experts believe that this corner of a home is dominated by Lord Indra, the god of weather and war. Since Indra has influence over the rising sun, spending time in this area helps a pregnant woman to improve her blood circulation and get over other issues leading to fatigue and tiredness.
  • Lighting a lamp in the south-eastern corner of the house every day during pregnancy ensures good health for the would-be mother as the area is dominated by the fire element.
  • A pregnant woman should always stay in a lively and fresh environment. That is why it is good to have fresh flowers in her room and in other parts of the house.
  • Vastu experts are of the opinion that a pregnant woman’s room should have abundant light and air.


  • A pregnant woman must take care to avoid certain things when she is carrying her child in her womb to avoid unnecessary complications. Among the things that she should avoid are the following:
  • Any couple who is trying to conceive must avoid sleeping in a bedroom situated in the north-eastern part of their home. Since the north-eastern area of a house is ruled by the water element, it becomes very difficult for a woman to conceive and the risk of miscarriage or abortion is high when she conceives in that area.
  • Once a woman becomes pregnant, she must not sleep in any room situated in the south-eastern part of her home. This area is ruled by the fire element and too much heat can lead to miscarriage or premature death of the baby.
  • A pregnant woman must not sleep with her heading pointing towards the east.
  • Sitting or sleeping under overhead beams during pregnancy is considered to be inauspicious in Vastu Shastra as they are believed to cause mental disturbances and stress for the pregnant woman.
  • The center of the house should be free from any heavy construction or obstacle such as a staircase or it may cause health problems for the would-be mother.
  • Vastu experts say that a pregnant woman should avoid using a toilet located under a stairway.
  • Since the basal body temperature of a woman is high during pregnancy, it is advisable for her to keep some distance from electronic gadgets that spread electrical or electro-magnetic energies, such as a computer, microwave, television, etc.
  • A pregnant woman must avoid hanging pictures of wars, dragons, or any violent incident in her room as such images invoke tension or feelings of unhappiness.

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