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Meditation & yoga are related in the sense : Meditation is a section or a part of yoga.

Yoga is not a religion yoga is a way of life that aims to remove obstades and suffering from life to attair the highert spiritual goal Samadhi or Self-realisation or Union with higher consciousness.

Yoga entails diffrents paths and practices that help in archiving the desired results. Yoga is not all about stratching and adjunct to intense physical exercies. Yoga is much more then that yoga is for everyday living. It is a holistic approach to healthy living. Yoga helps to connect mind, body, and spirit. It is also improves daily habits helpto build better relations and fine focus all the body system.

Yoga path improves everyday fitness roations, better postares. Streugthens the immanity and energy leads are significantly improved. It is fast becoming a method of choice for effective weight loss and daily stress reduction.

Meditation practice lousists of no exercise or bodily movements. and individual sites at a debiuite place and tries to focus the enegies within the body on the practicular object, sound, breath at. Essentially meditation is a part of yoga which is mostly performed after yoga asana practice. After you have done yoga bosy is filed with vibrations and gain a stable condition or both mind & body level.