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Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. This sign is also 30 in longitude and it extends from the 180th degree from Vernal Equinox. Aries-Mesha 0° to 210°. The commencement of Libra, i.e., 180th degree is termed Autumnal Equinox. It is a crossing place or intersection of ecliptic and celestial Equator. The sun passes over from North to South declination and at the time when Sun enters 0° of Libra, the night and the day are equal throughout the world. Hindus celebrate this and Thula Masam. The old Mexicans and Egyptians also celebrate this and have feasts on this day. Chitra, second half (third and fourth padas), Swathi, and Visaka one, two and three padas are contained in this sign, Thulam.


The person born with Libra as ascendant, grows tall with well-proportioned body. His limbs will be slender but-strong. His appearance will be graceful with a sweet smile, and his countenance attractive. The eyebrows add to his beauty. In the adult age, occipital region gets bald. The nose will be a little bent like the parrot.


Normally, their physical structure is good. But they do not have normal immunity and resistance against infectious diseases. So they are susceptible for such ones. They have to take prophylactic measures. Kidneys, loins and spines are indicated by Libra. Therefore one can expect defect in the kidneys, pain in the spines, etc. In the case of ladies, uterus may be affected. Whenever the indicating disease occupies Libra, one may suffer from appendichis, lumbago polyuria etc.


Venus, the ruler of this sign makes the native courteous, modest and gentle. He is always for a happy and harmonious life. He will not rub on the wrong side. He will purchase peace at any cost. He will be upright and sympathetic. Even when he loses his temper, he will soon be quietened. He tries lead a pleasant life enjoying all the fruits of life. He is fond of dress, perfumeries, art and music. Venus shows that Librans will be having hobbies and being a movable sign, they will be changing from one to another. Photography, gardening, drawing, painting, embroidery etc, may be their hobbies.


Generally Libra-borns gain materially either by fortune or through the goodwill and generosity of any affectionate and influential associate. So one has to keep his emotions in check. He should not allow things to get out of hand. He should not appoint the opposite sex as his private secretary. Much of his time will be wasted. Librans will mix business and pleasure. This need not be elaborated. Further, they should try to take quick decisions as many ideas will flash in the mind and will spring up one after another quickly.


Librans are the best suited for business with a partner. Libran may be the adviser and his partner may look to him, consult and take a decision as Libran can suggest just the correct thing at the proper moment. For, Librans excel other people in matters of reasoning, logic, foresight and judgment. Librans are also suited for law. They are admirable critics. 10th house ruled by Moon suggests that their occupation may include liquids. So blending both, it may be said that Librans may be druggists, chemists, painters, engineers in hydro-electric system, transport, navy or those dealing in food or milk or juicy fruits.


Libran's idea of what is needed is different from that of other people. That is why they are sometime extravagant. They spend on luxuries, curios, etc. They are seldom economical. Therefore much money may pass through their hands. They will donate for good causes and will be generous and liberal.


The Librans are ever-lasting good friends to all those who come in contact with them. For they are honest, just, kind, courteous and generous; they easily make friendship with others. Without friends, they cannot pass on their time. Sun, as lord of 11, shows that they will have much to do with Government servants, officials, etc. They will lead mostly a public life with both social and financial success. As they do not hurt others, even when their friends misbehave, they quickly forgive. So naturally, they gain ultimately. Socially they are always in great demand. Well-aspected Sun gives them benefit through those born on Sundays or in Leo Ascendant, or Karthikal, Uthra Palguni or Uthrashadha star days. They will waste money on those born on Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorva, pathrapada stars and Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revathi stars. For people born in these six stars cannot be helpful.


Men born in Taurus are good providers and the women are good home-makers. There will be happy and harmonious life. They have comfort, rest and peace at home. They like their own native land. Scenery will attract them. Peace, pleasure, prosperity, property, popularity and position mean much to them.Taureans always supply sumptuous food and give feast to others. If they are not served similarly by the guest, they cannot tolerate. They decorate the house, keep furniture etc., tidy and maintain their home in good condition.


Librans are the most lovable people for sex-life. For, they are experts in all love affairs. By this sincere love, they capture their partners. Besides, their dress, fashion, pleasant perfumery, and sweet smile are very enticing. Librans' passion grows suddenly and dies out quickly being a movable sign. But, at the time the Libran enjoys, he enjoys immensely in the company of the opposite sex. Being pleasant conversationalists, they put their argument, with clear vision as they find pleasure in good discussions. Girls born in Libra are ready to let the male do all the disagreeable ones. They like to do such acts and will never fail to thank with a smile.

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