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Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. This sign is also 30 degrees from the 90th degree from Vernal Equinox (or Aries Mesha 0 degrees) to the 120th degree. Punarvasu (Punarpushyam) 4th quarter (pada), Pushya (Poosam) and Aslesha (Ayilyam) are contained in the sign Cancer.

Cancer is the first sign of the watery triplicity, the other being Vrischika and Meena. Its quality is cardinal, movable or chara. It is a feminine and fruitful sign it is a mute sign too. If, for instance, a malefic like Ketu, happens to be posited in Cancer in the second House, it indicates defect in speech; the native may be even dumb. Cancer is one of the five Prishtodaya rasis (Mesha, Rishaba, Dhanus and Makara are the other four signs rising with there back). Cancer is a nocturnal signs (Gemini) and all Prishtodaya signs are termed nocturnal signs. It is a tropical sign, and a sign of long ascension. When Sun is in Cancer. It will be in the northern hemisphere and so Cancer is also termed a northern sign.


Clumsy body, slender limbas and powerful claws are the peculiarities of the carb. People born in Cancer generally have a large upper body. As age advances, they acquire, by over-eating, a prominent abdomen. Face is wide between the ears, and the mouth will be large with nice teeth of chalky colour. The hair will be brown and the complexion pale. As the limbs are extremely slender when compared to the large upper body, the whole body appears top heavy and one will walk with a rolling gait. Generally, dwarfs are born in this sign.


The ruling planet of Cancer is the Luna or the Moon, Juliet says, "Oh, swear not by the Moon, the inconstant Moon, the inconstant Moon I". But Professor Masefield says, "The Moon, the inconstant, keeps her will". Cancer-born natives are remarkable for a changeful life. They have many ups and downs. Moon gives them fertile imagination, delighting in strange scenes and adventures. They can adopt to other's nature and quickly absorb other's ideas. They are often emotional and over-sensitive and also sympathetic. They are so me what sentimental and talkative. Due to extreme sensitiveness, there will be a high degree of nervous irritability. They ably move the public to gain some position of wealth or honours. Just as one can see the Moon either waxing or waning, either as Full Moon or as New Moon, So also one-can find the Cancer-bors timid on some occasions and very courageous under other circumstances. Generally, they are timid to moral attitude. Their temper is also changeable. Anger comes and goes in quick alternation.


One should not be so obstinate, nor slow, in action. Also one should not be so selfish nor vindictive by retaining anger for a very long time.


Being the fourth sign of the Zodiac and one ruled by Moon, the health of the Cancer-borns will be fragile in youth, but as age advance, they will pick up health. Cancer rules the chest and stomach. As Moon owns this sign and it indicates one's worry etc., the chief cause of their physical troubles will be only worry. They have to take care of both the pulmonary and digestive systems. If they control their mind, they can control their body with the help of a reasonable diet, proper physical care, etc. They suffer much but they can also endure much. They should not let their love of liquids lead to over-indulgence in the alcoholic kind. They have to guard against asthma, gastric disturbances and weak digestion. They should take care of the throat. Simple living is the best preventive. They should satisfy thirst with water and not with alcohol. A few suffer from rheumatism and sciatica. There are also indications of danger by falls and hurts from animals while travelling or residing in foreign countries.


Affections of both the lungs, flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, tuberculosis, affections of the oesophagus, stomach, dyspepsia, flatulence, dropsy, beri-beri, nervous debility, fear complex, hysteria, jaundice, obstruction of the bile, gall stone, worm and boils on the chest just below collar bone.


People having the influence of Cancer are best suited to a commercial career, especially to the trade of a caterer. Many manage their own restaurants, coffee tea stalls. Some run general stores, grocer shops, fruit stall, etc. Those who enter into service are employed in hospitals as male and female nurses, matrons, managers and secretaries in business, hire purchase regulators, undertakers, furnishers, etc. As Cancer-borns are historians and are interested in things of the past, they deal in antiquities; they collect curios. They get employed in the history section or archaeological department at least they will deal in second hand articles.


For Cancer-born natives, life will be monotonous without romance. They will sacrifice their comforts, etc., and be very loyal and affectionate. But they cannot impress upon the mind of the partner that they are sincere. honest and very true. The other six is prone to feel that they are sincere, honest and very true. The other six is prone to feel that the Cancer- Borns are fickle-minded and changeable while, in fact, they are remarkably stubborn and determined.


Cancer-born natives enjoy their family life to the full and the home and the family are of great consequence to them. Marriage, therefore, will offer them an opportunity to have a well-settled life. Husbands, born in Cancer, will be mostly affectionate, adjusting and accommodative even though, at times, they may be exacting and fussy. A Cancer-born native will generally contract marriage with a girl who will pave the way for domestic comfort and further prosperity. They will manage to keep the wife cheerful and buyant, pleasing her in all ways. They are devoted to their wives, and occasionally, they will interfere in household routine and there-b y spoil their good intentions. Their trait is and this requires correction that they are often dissatisfied and will be indulging in criticism of something or other. Girls born in Cancer are genuine in their love and sincere in their devotion to husbands. Occasionally they tend to be moody. They feel satisfied with anything offered by their husbands. They prove good mothers to their children. They are adaptable and affectionate, dutiful and devoted, patient and pleasing, and sincere and sympathetic. They will spare no pains to attend to the needs of their husbands and offer them spiritual

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