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Pisces is the 12th sign, the last sign of the zodiac. It is also 30° in longitude. It extends from 330° from the Vernal Equinox (the point of intersection of the celestial Equator and the Ecliptic where the zodiac commences-which is Aries 0° to 360° and this sign is in the fag end of the zodiac. The 30th degree of Pisces of the zero degree of Aries are one and the same point. Sun in its Northern Course, while passing this sign, comes nearer and nearer to the celestial equator and is exactly on the celestial equator, when Sun is in 30° Pisces. The constellations contained in the sign are Poorvapathra pada 4th quarter, Uthrapathrapada and Revathi.


Pisces generally produces short people. They will weigh as much as a tall person as they will be plumpy and the hands and feet will appear to be short and stout. The shoulders are muscular and spherical. The eyes will be big and protruding. But the hair will be soft and silk.


As those born in Taurus desire to be comfortable and enjoy life to the full, they always go in for the best-paid profession. They have great liking to trade in luxury goods. AS Venus rules this sign, they deal in furs, cosmetics, scents, costly jewels and gems.Being a water sign, one will be addicted to drink and as this sign is opposite to Virgo, the persons born in Pisces will develop gastric troubles. As the 12th house denotes ankle and foot, one will have affections of the ankles and feet. As it is a watery sign and 12th sign, one may suffer from varicose veins or guinea worm.


Pisces is a watery sign ruled by Jupiter, the chief governor for philosophy, and progeny. Hence the person will be philosophical, restless, ever dreamy, contemplating, imagining and never hesitating to lead a romantic life. He well be honest, outspoken, helpful and humane. He will not go into the cause of other's troubles but he will lead his assistance at moment's call. Just like water which can put out the fire (no doubt depending on the proportion so also, the person born in Pisces will calm down the enemies, treat them courteously and forgive them. He will be unassuming and due to overliberality and unbounded generosity, he cannot progress much. They hamper his advancement. He is a staunch "Ahimsa" observe. He cannot think of doing harm to any : not that be is incapable; but he is so good a person depositing, in his bank, more of his meritorious deeds than the money which be can save by being economical. As it is a dual sign, he is a puzzle to others and to himself. One can find contradictions in his nature. He cannot be steady. He is mostly sweet-tempered and socially inclined.


Perspiration of the feet, chillness, intestinal troubles due to lack of blood supply, and typhoid.


Drink, over-drugging the system.


Fracture in the foot, deformities, corns, plies, inflammation in the bowels and hernia.


Feet swollen, perspiring, liver gets enlarged, tumours in the abdomen, intestines, overworked, deficiency of enzymes, tumours in the abdominal region.


Do not worry as you are susceptible to varying moods.

Do not belittle yourself.

Cultivate push.

Be generous but not over-liberal.

Do not entertain hopes on other's promises.

Do not be contemplating and dreaming always.


Pisceans are really happy when their vocations include such nature of work which needs breadth of vision and scope of good action. Their main mode of life and desire are to be of action. Their main mode of life and desire are to be of help to others who need either health, or wealth knowledge. Therefore they are good nurses, caterers, welfare workers, teachers, accountants and bankers.

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