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As per the mythology 32 Gods and Goddesses are pinning the Vastu purush down. Of the 32 some are benevolent and some not; hence the entrance location is fixed as per the places where we can find benevolent energies.

Having the entrance at the position where it is auspicious give good results. It is often told by people that only North and East entrances are good, whereas, West and South entrances are bad. But the truth is that every direction is associated with good and bad energies by itself.

Many have said that North and East entrances are good. And when these directions are divided into 9 equal parts, it is shown that only 3 are auspicious points of entrance in the north and 2 are auspicious points in the East while the rest are not considered auspicious. This implies that 66 per cent of the positions in the North entrance and 78 per cent of the positions in the East entrance are not auspicious.

The below figure shows how to see the auspicious and inauspicious points of entrance in a given place. By sharing the knowledge about this face, many people will be able to select the entrance of their house property and also correct flaws in their present residence.

It has been observed that the auspicious points of a place have higher energy than other locations. These energies can be measured by use of lecher antenna and a Bovis meter or by dowsing, though the former method is the more preferable and accurate.

Given below is a description of the effect of an entrance on the life of an individual, most often, people say that they are not experiencing the effect; in such cases we have found that they have not measured the angled correctly and are calculating the position approximately. In such matters, one should be as exact as possible.


East side has been divided into 9 equal parts and each parts has been numbered. The effect of each location is as below.


  • Loss Due to Fire
  • Female Growth
  • Prosperity
  • Govt. Favour
  • Lack of Peace
  • False Accusation
  • Cruelty or Unpleasantness
  • Loss Due to Theft


  • Insubordination
  • Meanness
  • Prosperity, Human Growth
  • Inauspicious
  • Ungratefulness
  • Financial Loss
  • Damage to capabilities of Son
  • Trouble to Son, unwanted Expenses


  • Enmity
  • Financial Loss
  • Prosperity of son and increase of wealth
  • Financial and Human Growth
  • Govt. Harassment
  • Financial Loss
  • Sickness
  • Tragic Death, Accidental Injury, Imprisonment


  • Enmity
  • Happiness
  • Financial Gain, Human Growth
  • All type of Gains
  • Enmity with Son
  • Defect in Females
  • Failure, unsuccessful or Loss Due to fire

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